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Professional makeup artist based in L.A.



Born in Iowa, Genevieve Lamb, lived a majority of her early years in Tucson, Arizona.  She grew up to dance and theater, teaching her an appreciation for makeup early on. She’s a graduate of Empire Academy with an emphasis in hair, makeup and airbrushing. Today, She resides in Los Angeles, and has already established a name for herself in Hollywood.

“I love how makeup can change the way you look completely and immerse yourself or someone into a character or simply show off your own beauty.  I have to say my biggest passion is showing everyday women how beautiful they can be. The best feeling is when a woman cannot stop staring at her own reflection after I’ve completed her makeup.” – Genevieve said.

She has a very extensive portfolio of celebrity personalities, and has work individuals such as Drake, Steve Martin, Jeff Daniels, Mike Tyson, Kelly Osborne, Kristen Cavalleri (The Hills) Leonard Maltin, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts (Upright Citizens Brigade), Amy Polar & Tim Meadows (SNL) Lily Collins (Blindside, Abduction), Lucy hale (Pretty Little Liars), Lenny Clarke (Rescue Me, Are You There Chelsea), Ellie keeper (The Office), Lake Bell (How To Make It In America), Lizzy Caplan (True Blood,  Party Down), Craig Roberts (Submarine), Eden wood (Cutie Patootie, Toddlers and Tiaras) Nolan Gould (Modern Family) Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) Danielle Fishel (Boy Meets World, The Dish)  She’s also worked with clients such as funnyordie.com, thestream.tv and Dior Cosmetics.

Genevieve is extremely passionate about making the perfect image, continuing to develop her skills with the always changing fashions and styles.